Friday, August 19, 2005


Man-Made Global Warming=Crock Of Shit

Man-made global warming is a lie made up by leftist politicians and "scientists" to add to their already stupendous control over American Society. Like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton. These idiots were posing in Alaska for photo-ops to push their idiotic (and fairy-queen named) Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act which would strangle U.S. utilities (which are already strained) and cost the economy trillions of dollars for nothing.

Even this summers' record heat waves can't be scientifically blamed on any warming of the Earth's atmosphere.

Despite the fact that we've caught science-mongering liars making up fibs to "prove" global warming is caused by man, these lies still abound quite readily. And are just as easily disproven.
“Greenhouse theory says (and the models calculate) that the atmospheric trend should be 30 percent greater than the surface trend -- and it isn’t,” says Singer. “Furthermore, the models predict that polar [temperature] trends should greatly exceed the tropical values -- and they clearly don’t ... In fact, the Antarctic has been cooling,” adds Singer.
So why do so many people believe lies that will end up costing them money and possibly jobs?

And why would two researchers bet $10,000 of their money on global warming being caused by the sun (God Damn!, You mean the sun can actually WARM the planet?) instead of so-called "greenhouse gases"?

And where the fucking hell do "scientists" get off making statements like this?

"In the absence of better knowledge, we have to assume that humans are making abrupt climate change more likely - not because humans are worse than nature, it's just because we're changing the system," says Richard Alley, a Penn State University paleoclimatologist.
I wouldn't want him to be the judge if I was on trial for anything. So why would we trust what someone so automatically biased says anyway?

Look, Earth has been warming for the past 10,000 years since it came out of the last Ice Age. There were no cars then. There were no factories to blame for the collapse of Lake Agassiz. But now there are those things to blame. And plenty of demagogues to blame them.

Former Senator Hillary Clinton had this to say:
"You just keep saying something no matter how untrue and unfactual it might be, over and over and over again, and try to drive the politics to meet your ideological or commercial agenda," she said. "That is a grave disservice to our country."
How right you are. Only it's you who is the propagandist.

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