Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Goings-On At Camp Crazy

Horse-faced, racist, lying bitch Cindy Sheehan is busier than ever, pimping herself from on top of her son's grave. Last night she was on Real Time with Bill Maher. Here's a little of the exchange:
Maher: Don't you think that if in, say 50 years...Iraq is a thriving democracy... it wouldn't be correct to say your sone died in vain?

Shehan: No.
Good intelligent stuff there Cindy. I simply can't believe what an heroic young man this horse-faced, racist, lying, isolationist, slandering bitch raised. That is simply astonishing.

Meanwhile, Cindy seems to be getting wrapped around the axle of her anti-Semitic lies. She refused to answer questions about them and then hung up on a phone interview with NPR.

Powerline and FrontPage have articles on the inherent anti-American liberal fascism of the people congregating around Camp Crazy. WOAI out of San Antonio has more on the barely contained seething racism of the "anti-war" movement.

Were we really surprised that white liberals hate anyone who isn't as WASPy as them?

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