Monday, June 27, 2005


Taysir Hayb: WORLD HERO

The Sharon government continues its policies of back-stabbing REAL Israelites in the back. It has convicted former Israeli soldier Taysir Hayb of shooting limey douche Tom hurndall in the head. Just like he deserved to be.

Just like the leftist bitch Rachel Corrie deserved to get crushed to death, but I digress.

As if convicting its soldiers of killing pro-terror idiots like Hurndall isn't bad enough, Hayb's A FUCKING ARAB!!! A NON-MUSLIM ARAB FIGHTING FOR ISRAEL!!! And this is how they repay him? Disgusting. No doubt his Arab lineage will not stop anti-Semitic brits from blaming the joooos again.

I say all these whiny white bastards that go to the third world ought to be hunted and killed for sport. Even when they come home.

You fuking prik, i net your a little pussy. I would lov to go toe to toe with u. cock sucking prik
Is I ever meet you Mr Miller, I will take great pleasure in shooting you in the head and moving your carcass through with my digger. But I digress.
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