Wednesday, June 08, 2005


NY TImes & Al Qaeda: Together Again

Well those race-traitor self-loathing Jews at The New York Lies are playing "Can You Top This?" again.

The National Academy of Sciences published an article to their preview website intended to give journalists an advance view of upcoming stories. This particular story by Professor Lawrence Wein (Whine?) was about how to poison the nation's milk supply. And, obstensibly, how Homeland Security and Health & Human Services should stop it.

Am I missing something here? If you know how to prevent a terrorist attack, you don't broadcast the method of attack to the entire world. As a Stanford University professor, Wein had ample access to tell Government officials about his concerns without telling the radical moslems as Wein chose to do last week with an editorial in The New York Lies.

Thanks, professor, the towelheads can now use your attack methods much faster than HHS or DHS can implement safeguards.

Note the radical anti-American agenda is endemic to the NAS: Earlier this week they prosletized on behalf of the radical enviro-whackos spreading the lie of global wrming. Also note that the radical anti-Semitic (Yet Jewish) reporters at The New York Lies are only too happy to send vital national secrets to the radical moslem enemy as they also did last week. I guess it's their weekly sedition.

Does the Constitutional prohibition of treason mean nothing anymore?

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