Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Moslo-Bank To Fund Terror More Readily

As if the towelheaded-terrormongers weren't easily enough obtaining funds to spill blood, a new super moslem-centric financial institution will aid them.
Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whose country currently chairs the OIC, told the forum that the masterplan would promote widespread development to "address the problems of extremism and terrorism" in the world's largest Muslim political grouping.
Ummmm...Yeah. I think that unregulated banking has been the source of terrorism in the Middle East. Hate me all you want but you can't kill me with all the sand in Egypt. You need laundered money that came from a sheik's donation to an Islamic "charity" in order to buy bombs and AK-47's.

I love this part, too:
Officials have said the bank will operate in keeping with Islamic laws, which means no interest would be paid or charged on deposits and loans.

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