Monday, June 27, 2005


"Liberals" Demand More Media Censorship

As if Democrat grandstanding about hating video games wasn't enough (even though Chuckie "Shithead" Schumer covered up FBI & BATF murders at Waco in 1993) the "liberals" are returning to what they know best censorship so people won't know how stupid and evil they are.

The Clinton PR ("PR" could stand for "public relations or "political rescue" when you're talking about the Clintons) machine is in high gear to discredit and attack Klein and his new book"The Truth About Hillary." And a Clinton-loving press is in full thrall trying to help them out.

It's no surprise considering that "liberals" only believe in free speech when it's for them. Like the time they stopped John Kerry's Red China bribes and John Edwards Mafia ties from being covered.

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