Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Ken Schram-Liberal Sham

Okay now I get it.

Liberals are monkeys who reflexively fling their own shit at anyone who disagrees with them. In the abscence of actual feces, they fling bogus "scientific" data (or they misinterpret findings as Shithead Ken Schramm has) in the faces of actual human beings just to get our attention.

I really feel sorry for the liars who call themselves "liberal". To be reduced to using techniques like absurd genetic profiling like their Nazi heros did to prove their political points (which often coincide with those of the Nazis), well...It's just sad. And funny.

You see, a new study concludes that being liberal is in part a matter of genetics. Pity the liberals.

I mean how else would someone be so stupid as to give up their own money and freedom to the tree humpers who tout "global warming"? After all, MIT Climatologist Richard Lindsen has stated that believing in global warming is the same as believing in a particular religion (especially a violent false religion like muhammedanism): There's no proof. To underline the fact that there's no proof, the former "proof" of global warming has been shown by Candian reserchers Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick to be a promulgated lie. It would appear that the only "global warming" is from the hot air the "progressive" communists blow from talking so much about "global warming".

Does inferior intellect result in the belief that it's alright to steal people's hard-earned money for the Government to give back to them as left-wing politicians see fit? Or for the anal-expulsive antics of these sociopathic socialists who throw a tantrum everytime someone exercises their right to own a gun, SUV, Big Mac, or anything bought at Wal-Mart?

Maybe their being born to pacifist leaches and raised to hate the very people who keep them safe at night gives them a sense of superiority. Carrying their way to its logical conclusion, they'd have that sense taken away from them at the knifepoint of a mugger or in the smoke of a terrorist attack, ironically two groups the liberals can't laud enough.

As for being hyperactively supportive of ripping unborn babies fro mtheir mother's wombs with a vacuum cleaner and starving paralyzed people to death, yet deeply, romantically loving convicted murderers, and not wanting to see them fry for their crimes, I don't think that's got anything to do with genetics. It's just what Satan tells them to do at their daily breakfast meetings.

And don't forget the rampant liberal racism. Their hatred of prominent minorities who think for themselves is overwhelming. Attacks on Janice Rogers Brown, Condi Rice, Ken Blackwell, and Alberto Gonzales are the norm for these leftist liars. Any "scientific" eugenic studies that can be used to justify their "white man's burden" attitude toward backward, child-like colored folk surely will be. Just as racist, counter-American, liberal (and Klansmen?) Ken Schram has done.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the Democrat slavemongers of 2005 are just as dispicable as the Democrat slavemongers of 1855. And the result is going to be the same for them this time around. I'll sure miss laughing at them and proving them wrong. Oh well. That's evolution I guess. Liberals like evolution don't they?

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