Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Energy Bill Bullshit

Demonrats AND Republicans are bitching and moaning about the Energy Bill which has been locked up for four damn years now.

It's a lot of hippie douche crap about the environment which I'm sure will be nice and clean when the Chinese and moslem hordes conquer us. I hope there's no taxpayer money going to this idiotic "space umbrella" that the enviro-whackos are talking about. They've really gone off the deep end on that, but I digress...

Listen to me, dipshit congressmen:
  1. Drill in ANWR.
  2. Tap Shale Oil in the Midwest and Appalachains and fuck those lies about "greenhouse" problems--there AREN'T any.
  3. Force China out of Venezuela's and Canada's tar sand deposits (whatever it takes).
  4. Remove those faggoty bans on offshore drilling (Hell, even Candadians want to!).
  5. Fund your biodiesel and windpower and whatnot, BUT DON'T GIVE UP ON GETTING OIL UNTIL THE USA IS OFF OF IT!
I can't wait until we can synthesize gasoline (possibly from coal). I'd love to be on that conference call with those towelheaded sheiks when we tell them we can fill our own fuel demands. I'll bet you'd be able to hear their turds hit the floor underneath those dresses they wear.

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