Thursday, June 02, 2005


Brown Nazis & Big Media Lies

Border Volunteers Not So Welcomed in Texas

Screams the leftist MSM headline. As if 11 (yes, eleven) Commucrat holier-than-thou, notoriously showboating state Senators and a few Bolshevik "Christian" groups (I didn't know Christ was a pro-terrorist Marxist) constitute the entire state of Texas.

But, remember, in their own minds, these leftists counter-Americans are the majority. That's what leads to toiletgate and rathergate: A belief that they are always right even if the facts say differently and that no one will call them on it.

Back to the story at hand.
Most of the Texas land is privately owned, so Minutemen would need landowners' permission to be there.
That also means they can shoot first and not face charges for killing a trespasser.
Opponents also fear the movement is fomenting racial hatred.
Oh, but the illegal immigrant thieves, black nazis at Nation of Islam, and brown nazis at La Raza aren't? Fuck you demonrat politicians.
After protesters in California threw rocks and unopened soda cans at police and attendees at a speech by Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, Simcox called the protesters "brown supremacists."
Uh, see above. They are brown nazis. And no one can deny it without looking like a liar or and idiot. Like Sheila Jackson Lee.

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat, said she smelled such trouble long ago. She wrote an amendment to a Homeland Security budget bill that blocks funding to "any border patrol activities that are unauthorized by law."

She said the Minuteman Project was "an appropriate wake-up call for the United States" about the need to better fund border security. But, she said, it has completed its mission and needs to disband because of potential for violence.

Oh, yeah! Like the illegal immigrant train of lay-abouts and drug runners and terrorists isn't responsible for one iota of violence. It's us. We're at fault.

Can anyone tell me why the al-Qaeda-crats always blame innocent law-abiding Americans for the crimes perpetrated against them? That's right. The dickheadocrats imperial agenda to control the USSA (Union of Socialist States of America) begins with defeating the things america was founded with: Judeo-Christian values and guns. Come and get 'em demos!!

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