Tuesday, June 21, 2005


ACLU & al Qaeda: Buddies From Hell

Welp, the ACLU (Atheist Communist Liar Union) is sticking up for dumb-ass foreigners again and further discrediting the notion that they stand for anything "American."

This time their sociopathic socialist whining is about visas for foreign "researchers" and the recent flap at when the National Academy of Sciences (and The New York Times) attempted to deliver al Quaeda a blueprint for a terror attack.

As for the foreign "researchers," well, foreign born construction workers are playing fast and loose with our sensitive documents. How much would you trust foreign-born America haters when they have access to sensitive documents all the time?

If we'd just take the idiot-farms currently known as "public schools" out of the hands of the counter-American "liberals" we wouldn't need foreing reasearchers at God damned all.

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