Monday, May 16, 2005


EU: Iran's Last Chance

We at the EU are serious this is Iran's last chance to avoid being sent to the Secretary General of the Useless Nations where they will have the opportunity to bribe that little monkey with oil money. We're deadly earnest this time. This is it. You won't get many more last chances! After this, there may be less than five or six last chances. Hey..DON'T..Hey, look at us while we give you your last chance. You are in so much...WE'LL TELL THE US!!!!

Fuck the EU and Iran. Just Nuke it! Because:
Meanwhile, the experience of the 20th century and of current world politics tells us that if we really want to prevent someone from going nuclear, it is necessary either to physically destroy the weapons by preemptive strike, as Israel did to Iraq in 1981, or to occupy the country, as the post-1945 history of Japan and Germany tell us.

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