Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Counter-Americanism Across Six Decades

Here is a disgusting example of the knee-jerk jerks that infect America with their insidious brand of communism. (hat tip: Baldilocks)

We wouldn't have won WWII if we let Bolshevik liars run around here then and we don't deserve to win the war on terror (and it is a war on terror) if we don't kill our enemies NOW. The fact that our most dangerous enemies live right here shouldn't stop us from liquidating them.

In war, it's important to remember that there is no such thing as an innocent. Certainly the Germans and Japanese didn't fit that bill. The Germans ELECTED Hitler. The Japanese WORSHIPPED the emperor. They fucking fought for their respective Satan-regimes. If we had to be evil to fight them, so be it. Wear their blood as a badge of pride in the ruthlessness with which we dispatch our enemies.

And another question for the leftist shitheads: What would your pathetic leftist ass have done? That's what I thought. There is no such thing as a tainted victory. You win or you lose. It doesn't matter how or by how much. When the time comes for people like us to take up arms against the people that the Hell-A Slimes represents, one of us will have grandkids and one group won't. No odds on which is which. And no one will ask my grandkids if killing the leftist counter-Americans several generations back was the right thing to do because the question itself can only be asked by descendants of people who knew that the ends justified the means.

Perhaps the worst part is when they try to cover their asses (in a half-hearted attempt) here:
None of this is intended to detract from the valor of the millions of Allied service personnel who lost or risked their lives in World War II.
I mean, how can you accuse these people of cold blooded-murder, then praise them? A little intellectual honesty! That's all I want from the Left. I won't hold my breath, though.

AND this pinko rag has the audacityto issue apologies for Alger Hiss and a denial that Yalta surrendered Easter Europe to the Soviets! I guess the Poles and Hungarians were free all those years (according to the Hell-A Slimes) and didn't even know it! With reporting like this, who needs enemy propaganda?

Can someone please free Eric Robert Rudolph in the off chance that he will blow up the LA Times? Maybe we should destroy Mexico by GIVING it Los Angeles.

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