Monday, May 16, 2005


British Pro-Communist, Pro-Terrorist Propaganda

The commies at the BBC (British Bolshevik Corporation) are at it again. They've produced a movie along the "Israel tricked the US into blowing up the WTC so they could both persecute moslems" line. Filthy and disgusting. Senior BBC producer Adam Curtis is behind this trash. I urge all Americans to try and murder him if he shows up on our shores.

Here's a sample of his tripe:
the fear of terrorism has come to pervade politics in the United States and Britain even though much of that angst is based on carefully nurtured illusions.

It says Bush and U.S. neo-conservatives, as well as British Prime Minister Tony Blair, are exaggerating the terror threat in a manner similar to the way earlier generations of leaders inflated the danger of communism and the Soviet Union.

Iflated the danger of the Soviet Union? Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? The Communists killed almost 200 million people in the last century. They meant to kill or enslave all of us. It was people like Truman, Reagan, Thatcher, and Edward Teller who helped to save us. I guess the Cuban missile crisis was overblown as well. What the flying fuck do you even say to these people? You can't say anything and that's the point. People who have been so corrupted like that limey pervert are a cancer. We can only protect ourselves by cutting them out and killing them.

Says Curtis:
You'd be hard pushed to tell my politics from watching it.
No chance, dickhead. You're a pinko, through and through. And your time is at an end.

Here's some good ol' anti-Crown literature right back atcha, slick.

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