Thursday, April 28, 2005


Vivé la Race War Against The Sand-Monkeys!

There was an anti-white race riot by underhumanoid Arabs in Paris March 8. Anti-white and anti-Semitic racism is becoming more prevelant in the EU. And a lot of the anti-Semitism is from other white race traitors. But the white race-traitors in the EU have been saying anti-moslem bias is the problem!

Yeah, it was neo-Nazis that killed Theo Van Gogh. And do you think things will get better when the EU collapses this summer? Get a fucking clue, hippies! There's no stopping a biblical confrontation at this point. And it's not the Christian's fault. The moslems put this confrontation in motion when they invented the lies on which their "religion" was founded 1400 years ago.

Look, the coming race-war in Europe isn't a problem. The problem is that Europeans are the ones who are going to fight it and we know they can't fight for shit. If the EU losers can't fend off the mongrel races invading them, the mongrels we've let into the US will think they can fight and win against the American people. And we know that the towelhead bigwigs are supporting terrorists against the west.

What are subhuman satanic pig worshippers up to in my country? Thanks to the ACLU and CAIR, plenty.

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