Monday, April 04, 2005


Please File A Lawsuit Against Goldman Sachs

Oil has spiked heavily the last three trading days because...well...Goldman Sachs wanted it to. On March 31, Goldman forecast oil proices as high as $105 a barrel within a few years. Oil spiked.
Goldman Sachs is the biggest trader of energy derivatives, and its Goldman Sachs Commodities Index is a widely-watched barometer of energy and commodities prices.
Oil spiked again today. Why?
U.S. light crude hit a record $57.79 a barrel, surpassing Friday's high of $57.70, which was triggered by a forecast that prices could spike above $100 due to robust global demand and tight spare capacity.
So, the biggest trader of energy derivativess, knowing the weight its forecasts have, just happened to say (scream) "OIL TO HIT ALL-TIME HIGH!!!!!!" Unacceptable. Those New-York financiers knew what they were doing. Any bets that forked-tongued race-traitor Soros is behind this?

I urge everyone here to find a good attorney and consult with them about filing a law-suit against Goldman Sachs for damages incurred by their price fixing. If we get enough of these going we can acheive class-action status and take them down a few notches and recover some of the losses from high gas prices as a result of Goldman's price-fixing.

Also, be sure to contact NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (who loves to destroy anti-capitalist companies like Goldman Sachs), as well as your own state Attorney General and state and federal representatives.

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