Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The New Pope and Catholic Direction

I was thinking, while looking at the procession of Cardinals past John Paul II's body yesterday, that the time is right for a new Pope that will not only not be Italian (a total mistake--There are more American Catholics than there are Italian citizens) but for a Pope that is not European at all.

I think a Pope from Africa would perhaps be best. The vibrant church on the continent would appreciate it to no end. European liberals would be forced to choose between the lip service they pay to other races and their actual racist actions. A Latin American Pope would be good as long as he is NOT fro mthe following countries; Brazil, Mexico, or Venezuela. A Pope from any of the other Latin American countries would help stem the tide of Indio-facism prevalent there.

To some extent the Church needs to leave behind, for the time being, Europe. In time the EU will collapse, radical Islam in Europe will rise, and many Europeans will return to the pews. While the world waits for that, the Church can concentrate on Africa, Latin America, and especially China. The China question is sticky one for The Vatican. They need to stand by Taiwan, yet provide for the millions of Chinese Catholics. Christianizing China is the best way to destroy the communist government there.

On a related note, Newsmax.com has an interesting note I've heard hinted at before: That Reagan planned to militarily intervene if the USSR invaded Poland to crush the trade union Solidarity the way the Soviets did Hungary (1956) and Czechoslovakia (1968).

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