Wednesday, April 27, 2005



The lying communists who call themselves "liberal" or "progressive" are not our countrymen. They are an ingrateful group of invading scum. This country can only be cleansed with the blood of its internal enemies.

They seem bent on starting another civil war. BRING IT ON! Their slavemaster predecessors lost the first one and they stand no chance in this one. How long would those rump-ranger gun-haters last in a real fight? Who would the US military stand behind? Those fanny-lancing pinkos?

Fuck all this bullshit about "divides" and "debates". There is no divide: All REAL Americans are united. We are under attack by an insidious enemy that looks like us and speaks our language and is using our own court system and legislature to gag and (in the case of abortion) murder us.

It's us or them America! We can't both share this continent anymore. Grab a gun and change history!

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