Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Goldman Sachs Oil Price-Fixing Update

I reported yesterday on Goldman Sachs' fixing the price of oil and my efforts to start a class action lawsuit against them. Contact this attorney and tell them you want to sue Goldman for raising your gasoline costs.

Three developments since yesterday.

First, it seems Goldman has a history of this price-fixing behavior. Second, there is great concensus that Goldman Sachs "fire in the crowded building" suggestion that oil could reach $105 a barrel raised prices for us all. Third, Goldman is HOARDING OIL!!!!!!!
U.S. oil prices have surged 33 percent this year, with big-money speculative funds (GOLDMAN) buying heavily on signs that rapid demand growth in Asia's emerging economies and the United States would strain world supply.
Please, Please, Please contact your State and Federal representatives and your state Attorney General and tell them you don't want New York financiers stealing your money!!!

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