Thursday, April 21, 2005


France Backs China Amidst Commie Threats To Taiwan, Pope

In a continued twisting of the knife they've placed between Uncle Sam's shoulder blades, French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has endorsed a Chinese law that "allows" China to take Taiwan by force to silence democracy in the Pacific Rim. The worthless little frog also reitterated his country's plans to sell weapons to the PRC (Red China).

China has also threatened the new Pope over what China sees as meddling in its affairs by insisting that real Catholics (not the fake Chinese-government "Catholics") be allowed to worhip as they please, as well as Vatican ties with Taiwan. This is yet another reason for the USA to endorse and equip Falun-Gong and the Catholic church to defend themselves against the new Chin Dynasty and insist on fair treatment.

I believe it is time to euqip Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, & South Korea with ABM missile shields, nuclear warheads, and missiles capable of delivering those warheads to mainland China. We'll see who throws around threats like they were marbles then.

As for France, it's no surprise that France backs repressive measures in China. France has a record against human liberty that is almost as sorry as China's

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