Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Supreme Court: We Love Teen Killers

By now everyone has to have heard about the US "Supreme" Court ratifying the ability of teenagers to kill people at will and be "punished" with cable TV and three squares a day. Is everyone named "Kennedy" a traitor now? (The answer is YES)

The most revolting part of the "Supreme" Court expressing its disdain for law and order is perhaps the fact that they did it to make the outlanders love us. Fat chance of that happening and even fatter chance of us wanting to sacrifice security at home to make the douchebag foreigners love us. And, as one writer to Laura Ingraham said today, moslem law favors the stoning of slutty women and butt-pirates. Wanna quote that in a court decision?

In furthur aid to your nightmares the "Supreme" Court has decided, as have most other government agencies that you (the AMERICAN citizen),
"cannot be trusted with the delicate task of weighing a defendant's youth along with other mitigating factors."
So, shut up and do what the nice Bolshevik asking for your papers wants you to do.

One (with a brain) cannot but come to the conclusion that the government wants teens to murder. It doesn't matter if it's a 16 year old girl shoving a vacuum tube up her cunt to have a baby sucked out without her parents permission or if it's a 17 year old boy killing people for sport like he saw on GTA. The "Supreme" Court's got your back, teenyboppers.

And now the "Supreme" Court is going to tackle the thorny issue of whether to ban for good the Ten Commandments and burn all the Bibles in America so no one will ever be Christian again. Three guesses how a court that sides with Euro-trash laws will rule on that one.

Oh well. Come the revolution. The citizens are already taking the law into their own hands to protect this country in some places since the government won't. Feel like "justicizing" some murderers let go by the "Supreme" Court?

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