Friday, March 11, 2005


Snake Flicks Forked Tongue Again

Traitor to his race and to his country (at least the one whose grass he spends the most time in) George Schwarz (aka Soros) is committing offenses that should get any patriotic Jewish-American to go Rabin on him.

Soros said recently that American was going about it all wrong in the War on Terror. Scumbag "worthy of a bullet to the head" Soros had a different model in mind for dealing with (appeasing) terrorists: Spain!
Soros said Spain had "a very different response to terrorism - a healthier response."
That's right the country whose appeasement of al Qaeda got the Basque terrorists to think that they could get the Spanish government to conform, given enough gunpowder, is the model Soros thinks is the best.

I can't understand why anyone thinks this idiot is anything special. He is not. The titles may have changed. The names may have changed. The temples may have changed. But Soros is the same money-changer that has slithered through history for too long. His financier kind have been changing money at the temples of this world for eons. And we continue to let them get rich off usury of us and then sink their fangs into us.

No more! Let's kill the snake.

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