Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Pinko Commie Butt-Fairies Support Saddam Hussein, Part 3,397,093

[A] group of activists has gotten enough signatures here and in some 50 other Vermont communities to place resolutions about Iraq on the agendas of their Town Meetings, a New England ritual as local as tapped maple trees and as old as the American Revolution.
Pertinent stuff, I know. I'm so sure there's absolutely nothing else that is important to these hippies in their own towns that outweighs supporting America's enemies.

I, you know,.... I just can't fucking believe that these areas are where people, GREAT MEN & WOMEN, like Nathaniel Green, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the like came from. Now they're havens for America's internal enemies. Maybe the loyalist familes who went to Canada in the 1770's have migrated back.

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