Monday, March 28, 2005


Mexican Scum Murders More Americans, May Get Away With It

In addition to MS-13 threatening to attack (with Atheist Communist Liar Union, or ACLU, support) our valiant Minutemen volunteers, Mexicans who came to the US and committed murders may be freed by the US "Supreme" Court.

The "Supreme" court recently decided that international faggotry should trump US law and allow teen killers to get off with a slap on the wrist. Will they be any less lenient on defendants who are part of the international faggotry that the black-robed assholes love so much? Especially when the "President" has sided with the Mexican scum against us, HIS OWN PEOPLE?!?

You can read about the idiocy on the border and George W. Bush's selling out of his country to his beaber-butt-lover Vicente Fox at Michelle Malkin's new blog devoted specifically to covering the illegal invasion.

This is BULLSHIT. It will not stand, it will be ended either by the politicians, or by "We the people..." I sure hope it's the latter. We the people end problems like this quickly, bloodily, and unerringly. Bring it on, Mexico! The American Army will end up standing astride your country again, just like it did in 1848. We can do the "reconquista" bit ourselves, you know ;)

Hooray for the minuteman project.
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