Friday, March 04, 2005


Filthy Race-Traitor Soros Flaunts Law Again

Traitor to America (his home) and the Jews (his race) George Schwarz (George Soros' real name) is brutalizing people and trying to get away with it. Again.

Last month in Saudi Arabia, Soros got up and spoke at a conference where he was introduced by Prince Faisal, a man who has ranted about "zionist conspiracies" ad naseum.

Who's the crazier of the two?

Well France wants Soros for stock fraud charges. A European Jew wanted for insider trading? Ma Non!

And Soros, along with three other Jewish billionaires, has dumped millions into communist causes, including the Democrat party, during secret meetings.

At that Saudi conference, Soros railed on about the US debt, oil prices and currency exchanges. By the way, Soros is a known cause of the recession of 1992 in Great Britain because of his currency speculation. Is Soros behind the dollar's recent devaluation?

Oh, and those charges made by Speaker Hastert about Soros being involved with illegal drug cartels? They're true. No billionaire would go around blithering like an idiot about wanting more and easier access to cocaine and heroin unless he was getting a cut of the profits. I'll even bet that al Quaeda and other terror groups have used Soros' Quantum Fund to launder money.

Zionist Conspiracies? Well far be it from me to agree with the royal family of Satan Arabia. But decent, hard-working, patriotic Jewish Americans need to go Rabin on Soros before the creeping anti-Semitism of Europe is seen as justified here in North America.

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