Monday, February 21, 2005


Why Does Ellis Henican Want To Kill Americans?

And how long will it be before all liberals like him are killed off by actual Americans tired of them leaching off of us? Should we kill them slowly or just gas and burn them?

Here's a list of French companies to boycott because of their (and Ellis Henican's) support of Hezbollah:

* Air France
* Baccarat
* Bic
* Bollinger
* Cartier
* Clarins
* Dannon
* Dom Perignon
* Evian
* Hennessey
* Grey Goose Vodka
* Mephisto
* Moet
* Peugeot
* Renault
* Veuve Clicquot
* Seagrams/Wild Turkey/Pernod-Ricard
* Yves Rocher

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