Monday, February 21, 2005



A force of brave Americans is taking up arms to defend our nation from an invading army. That force is called the Minutemen, and the US government is bound and determined to stop them, rather than the invaders, and preserve the flow of criminals and terrorists across our southern border.
Intent on securing the vulnerable Arizona border from illegal immigrant crossings, U.S. officials are bracing for what they call a potential new threat this spring: the Minutemen.
Oh, sure! The government sees the US citizen as the threat. Not the river of scum pouring in untracked. With attitudes like that I can't imagine how Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City bombings took place.

And all Americans have every reason to want to defend the border. Millions of people slide through unnoticed every year. Are they all criminals? No. Are some? Out of 12 million+? What do you think?

There have been drug and immigrant smuggling rings on the US-Mexican border for decades. Pancho Villa redux, now they're teaming up with terror groups and professional Latin-American soldiers to put anti-American forces into our country. enforcement officials consider the former Army members a growing threat to U.S. cities.
If that doesn't qualify for the use of the word "invasion," I don't know what does.

Couple that with Vicente Fox' recent trip to Algeria.
The official visit is part of a larger foreign relations strategy by the Mexican government to improve commercial and diplomatic ties with Arabic nations, which Fox said "had been forgotten" by past governments.
What business does Mexico have with North Africa? Well, it's a great jumping off point for Al-qaeda and other groups to get to South and Central America and make there way north toward their most hated enemy's undefended border. Can we afford to take the chance that they didn't discuss emmigration of potential Arab terrorists to Latin America? Considering that the US government doesn't give a damn, I don't think we can take that chance.

Viva La Minutmen!

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