Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The Slow Death of Europe

The CIA says the EU will collapse in 15 years.

The moslems have restarted, successfully, their attempts at Moor-izing Europe.

Mark Steyn has the following to say on the tenuous links that our (correct) American society has with the (incorrect) European one:
America and Europe both face security threats. But the difference is America's are external, and require hard choices in tough neighbourhoods around the world, while the EU's are internal and, as they see it, unlikely to be lessened by the sight of European soldiers joining the Great Satan in liberating, say, Syria. That's not exactly going to help keep the lid on the noisier Continental mosques.
The reality is that Europe's very specific troubles-economic, demographic, political-derive from Europe, not America. And, if the member states of the EU are determined to enshrine constitutionally and Continent-wide the "rights" that have proved so disastrous for them as individual nations, there's not a lot America can do about it except stand well clear.

On what basis can you possibly assert that a society is "correct" or "incorrect". How can you even begin to justify such a simplistic and naïve view of the world? Europe is not a single homogeneous unit as the article seems to suggest, so such crass generalisations about the state of a diverse set of cultures is fundamentally flawed. Aspects of various European nations may have serious social issues to address, but the schizophrenic nature of American society certainly has its own deep-rooted problems to confront. Those in glass houses...
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