Friday, February 25, 2005


Pacifist Scum Quakers & Their Aid to the Moslem Enemy

A Quaker douche was on The Factor with Bill O'Reilly bragging about how he helped a coward escape from the Army. This asshole traitor, Charles Fager, was questioned about how he (Fagle) would defend the US. Fagle responded by saying "Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and his followers are still around today; the empire that crucified him is not".

Well, brava (sic) you panzy-ass Fager. You spun it perfectly. You left out the basic fact that, if it were not for a battle, there may be no Christianity at all. That's right if you knew as much about history as you do about hating the country that protects you, you'd know that Roman emperor Constantine switched the Empire to Christianity because he believed Jesus helped the Romans prevail in a battle. HELLO! Some pacifist!

I won't point out to Fager that the swords of the Visigoths determined that Christianity would go back underground for several hundred years, and very well could have ended it, just as the moslems could now. But Mr. Fager would prefer to help the moslems rather than America. He is a traitor and deserves to be hung.

You can contact Fager and her pussy friends and fellow traitors here. Its a hum-dinger of a site, replete with glorious stories of how the Quakers helped extend slavery in the south, and how they put effort into helping Hitler, Imperial Japan, and Stalin. This a real swell group of "people," these Quakers. The bottom of the page says;
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

No it doesn't! An eye for an eye leaves the whole world with one eye. Gandhi was a diaper-wearing idiot .
Now a national Quaker group is touring the country to drum up support for moslem enemies like Bin Laden and undermine the US government, its people, and Western Civilization.

The Quakers deserve to be killed by us and then burn in hell. To accept police and military protection while looking down on the people who protect you is more than just smug and self-serving. It is wrong. In a war for survival, the side that allows internal dissent will die and deservedly so. It is either us or the Pacifist/Islammunist alliance.

Which side do I pick? I think Jeremy Hinzman should have his baby killed in Canada, Hinzman himself should be kidnapped and brought back to the USA, stand trial, and be hung by the neck 'till he be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

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