Monday, February 07, 2005


New York Lies, I Mean Times, Stabs USA in Back Again

In an effort to undermine US authority and castrate our military strength, the New York Times (at what point can we actually try these monkeys for treason?), is featuring an article criticizing the US military for doing the necessary job of updating our nuclear weapons.

In typical leftist liar fashion, the Times puts the onus ON US to prove that this simple updating to ensure the weapons work and can fulfill their mission of deterrence will not cause a new arms race.

God Forbid, a new arms race! Are these idiots not reading actual news? North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Lybia, Iraq [two years ago anyway :)], Pakistan, and probably many more are already building new nuclear weapons or their first nuclear devices.

Yeah, we don't wanna start an arms race. God those shaved apes at that paper are completely ignorant dickheads.

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