Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Miracle On Ice

Yesterday, February 22nd, was the 25th anniversary of the "Miracle On Ice," the capture of the gold medal at the 1980 winter Olympics by the US men's hockey team.

ESPN recently named the silver-medal game against the USSR its top sports headline of the last 25 years. It may be the biggest sports story of all time. It certainly could only be compared to the Louis-Schmelling fights and Jesse Owen's performance at the 1936 Olypmics in Berlin for importance. And that's on a global, not just American, scale. All those performances shoved American sumpremacy right into the face of demented dictators. The US team went on to win the 1980 gold in a somewhat anti-climactic game against Finland

ESPN Classic ran the USA/USSR game and a few hours of commentary. It really is stirring, even on tape.

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