Monday, February 28, 2005


Death To Hollywood

On the "Oscars" last night Chris Rock said the US was $70 trillion in debt! If all black people are that stupid, it's no wonder they need affirmative action to get jobs.

And what about noted leftists Salma Hayek and Carlos Santana memorializing murderer (who was gunned down by the US Army-HA!) Che Guevara. They avoided using the name"Che". All these stupid communist assholes that love Fidel Castro and Che and leach off my country need to be shot in the stomach and die slowly while trying to hold their guts in.

One year I'm gonna watch the whole Oscar telecast so I get to see it blown up by terrorists. Homegrown terrorists like McVeigh who hate Hollywood because they're counter-American, or foreign terrorists like Bin Laden who hate Hollywood because its so satanic.

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