Friday, January 28, 2005


War On Democracy: The Liberal-Sunni Similarities

One would be remiss not to mention Sunday's Iraqi elections, Zar-cowards "war on democracy", and the blatant mixing of tactics used by the Sunni terrorists in Iraq and those used by leftists here in the USA.

The Democrats are going to be loathe to admit that the election has any legitimacy. So what if a single Sunni doesn't vote? That still gives the potential for an 80% turnout in the whole country. Even if 60% of the whole country of Iraq shows up to vote, that's almost as many as we had.

And you know God damn good and well that that cunt Katie Couric will be too busy talking about teenage blowjobs to do anything more than take a few potshots at President Bush. Most of the media's going to be the same. They practically wet their pants with excitement when the Sunni terrorists strike.

The anti-election left is out in force around the world. They've been on notice since the American elections of 2002, however, that they're losing. With the exception of their victory over the Spanish cowards. The leftists, liberals, democrats, whatever they may call themselves have been exposed for what they are: fellow totalitarians to Bin Laden and the mullahs.

From tire slashings of GOP vehicles (by Kerry campaign staffers) in Wisconcin to the vote fraud of Washington's gubernatorial race (and many, many others), to the European and American communists' cheering of the Mohammedanist mutts (let's combine them into one group, the islammunists) we have to conclude that they are out for one thing; war with each other. That's right, they want to destroy each other. There aren't two groups that could hate each other more than homosexual-loving atheists and racist, religious fanatics. But they must first destroy the great bulk of the world's people who just want to be left alone and live their own damn lives.

That's where the islammunist alliance comes from. And they've been pretty good at hiding it. Until now. We're onto you. And Marx and Allah together won't save you from us.

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