Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Spruce Douche

Airbus' enormous future failure, the A380, was unveiled today in a giant victory for "Old Europe." In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcastic. Considering Airbus has trouble making regular-sized aircraft, this monster should be fun to watch tumbling out of the sky.

The A380 came in under weight, but as I just pointed out, when you make the wings out of papier mache, it'll weigh substantially less than aluminum and steel. And Europe's taxpayers still had to pick up an additional $2 Billion for the program. Come now, you didn't expect European companies to survive in an actual capitalist environment did you?.

Boeing's 7E7 isn't selling well now and the A380 is. But when airlines fold every ten minutes, hubs get more crowded, and flights are constantly delayed, which airliner will rule the future? Remember, Airbus, the jets didn't sell well initially, either.

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