Friday, January 28, 2005


Sodom Francisco, Rounds 2 & 3

The assholes who run San Fagcisco (into the ground) are determined to do even more damage. They've decided to try and ban handguns, because they think guns kill people. They're right. Guns do kill people. Bad people. And it's the right of every law-abiding San Franciscan to have one.

I have to say that I hope this idiotic law passes. I'll send the snottiest of correspondences to the fairy-loving lawbreaker mayor gruesome Newsome when someone gets murdered (by a gun owned by a criminal who decided NOT to partake in the ban) pointing out how worthless the trampling of real, actual civil rights was. There's no way that type of law would Constitutionally last very long anyway.

But, in the spirit of fruits everywhere, telling people what to do isn't enough for the pinkos that command San Francisco, they also have to steal their subjects money.

Gruesome Newsom and his lackey (and probable butt-buddy) Ross Mirkarimi have proposed assailing the citizens with a 17-cent tax on each grocery bag their groceries were packed in at the store. The beef is over plastic bags, but the tax will apply to all bags (to be fair!?!?)

Gee, I'm sure that no single citizen (especially low-income people) of Sodom Francisco will start to shop outside the city now. But that's probably what the racist liberals that dominate that city really wanted all along.

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