Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Make Up Your "Minds"

The Useless Nations (UN) has been agit-propping for decades that the Israelis were stealing from the "Palestinians" and doing absolutely nothing to help them.

Well, behold, the UN has created a registry for "Palestinians" to claim economic damages from the Israeli security fence. Which is it? Either the Israelis are either killing the "Palestinians" and economically raping them, or the Israelis are providing jobs and health care to the monkeys. It can't be both as athe UN would have us believe!

If the Pinko UN/Islamist coloboration succeeds, and they wipe out the Israelis, I suppose all the "Palestinians" would starve to death without the Jews to support them. And with the Jews dead, the other towelheads wouldn't be sending their "charity" anymore, since it was only intended buy bombs to kill Jews. There'd be no way for the "Palestinians" to live. Ha!

Just as an aside anytime the UN is mentioned: Death to the ape Annan!

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