Friday, January 07, 2005


Leftist Double Standards On Iraq

Mussolini "made the trains run on time" his apologists said. Well, whoever thought up that gem must have sired todays crop of Kool-Aid people who constantly make excuses for Saddam Hussein.

As hard as it is to believe, some "liberals" will admit that Saddam was a bad guy (while others think the Baghdad Butcher was the greatest thing since sliced bread). But when prodded, those same "liberals" will criticize president Bush for invading a country whose "trains ran on time" but happened to be run by a bad man. In the next sentence the "liberal" will criticize Bush again, this time for trying to secure America against its internal enemies in a fashion (in the "liberal's" mind) reminiscent of Hussein. In other words, insinuating that the Iraqi people should have been content with brutal law and order at the expense of freedom while the American people deserve the exact opposite.

Another example is in the "liberal" attitude toward the "insurgency", which is how morons refer to monsters. The "liberal" will point out that a single roadside or car bomb is proof of a growing almighty revolution against the Americans and Allawi, while a 10-day sweep of a major city that results in it being liberated from a terrorist grip is proof that America is incapable of winning.

Sheer idiocy. But, such is the life of the "liberal".

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