Monday, January 10, 2005


Fuck The BBC

The BBC (British Bolshevik Cocksuckers) have gone out of their way in reporting on tsunami relief to NOT mention that the US and Australian militaries are doing all the work in getting supplies from ports (of varying kinds) to the stricken people who need them.

I saw this story on, but have noticed it myself. The BBC "news" that is run on PBS at 11:00 PM here showed an American SH-60 Seahawk landing and (apparently only ignorant American choppers do this) blowing stuff around with its rotorwash. Small debris, leaves , and some plastic tarps were slightly blown around. Of course the crooked-toothed reporter remarked between his tea and his crumpets: "American helicoptors meant to bring aid only bring chaos."

And other little things like food, water, medicine, hope, a good dose of reality, etc. That limey jerko journo needs a good kick in his crumpets.

This gets to the heart of what it is journalists do now: scavenge like buzzards. They're all over Indonesia shoving microphones and cameras into devastated people's faces and demanding a good soundbite while not performing one good God-damn task. Then they knock off about four in the afternoon, go back to the hotels that are still standing, freshen up, put on a new Perry Ellis shirt, relax by the beach with a drink, and tear a rotator cuff patting themselves on the back. Where's a tsunami when you need one?

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