Thursday, December 30, 2004


Tsunami, Shumami

I feel sorry for most of the people killed in Sunday's Earthquake/Tsunami debacle. But, let's face it; we've got people here in America who've been held back because of leftist policies and they need our help first.

Furthermore, I'm God Damn sick and tired of hearing the pinko MSM complain about President Bush not doing enough to help the Asian communities that have been devasated. If those leftist assholes don't like it then they can dig into their own pockets to fund relief efforts. Otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP! All you're doing is pissing off the Americans who, of course, are going to bankroll most of the recovery efforts. And that goes double for the worthless piss-ant at the UN who complained about America's donations of "only" 0.14% of its GDP (or about the entire economy of France).

Meanwhile, Brit Hume reported last night that the IAEA HQ'ed in Austria DID detect the earthquake, but no one was there to report it, everyone being out on Christmas holiday.

Great. One more reason for the Bolsheviks to attack Christmas.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Please, Do Us!!!

Well, helping George W. Bush get re-elected wasn't enough. Now Michale Moron wants to boost the stock prices and profits of big drug companies.

Okay, that's not what Moron says.

But come on!

I mean, Moron is like King Midas' retarded nephew; everything he attacks turns to gold! From GM's outstanding stock performance, engineering reputation, and sales increases since Moron attacked them with "Roger & Me" to the NRA's membership boost after "Bowling for Colimbine" to Bush's re-election after "Freiheit 9/11" I think some groups are probably begging to get "worked over" by Moron.

So if you ever see a gargantuan communist with a faggoty Sonny Crockett style beard and a camera, be sure to have him take a picture of your lottery tickets while making damning statements about them. Then, order that Lamborghini without fear, 'cause you're gonna be a millionaire!


Sue on MacDuff

Lying cunt Christine Gregoire isn't going to get away with stealing Washington state's gubernatorial election. We all know what that bitch and her pinko handymen did: Cry and cry, and cheat and cheat until they had "won" a recount. Then that was enough for them. Legitimate or not, they had "won" a recount that just happened to include several thousand "found" (I.E. doctored by commun-crats) votes. And then they said "Well, that's enough for us."

That's the type of thing that gets would-be demagogues killed in countries like Venezuela, Christy.


Pay The Piper, George

George Carlin in going into rehab for booze and drugs. Looks like it's time for him to pay the piper.

Or were those just the drugs talking shit about America all along?

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