Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Anybody here seen my old friend John?

By now we've all heard of JFK: Reloaded, the game where you get to repeatedly shoot JFK in the head as he is driven through the streets of Dallas. And we've certainly heard the complaints from the elitists who've crammed JFK lore down our throats for forty-plus years.

It looks like JFK has come home to roost for the baby-bitchers. You know, that group of spoiled brats born between 1945 and 1960, or so. It's always amazed me that the WWII generation could go off and beat Hitler, then come home and raise a generation of narcissistic mini-Hitlers. This groups' generational fascism (with its shocking self-importance ascribed to supposedly seminal events like JFK, RFK, MLK, street riots, love-ins, Woodstock, Vietnam, The Beatles, and Watergate) has led to the same resentment among outsiders that German fascism bred.

Let me put it another, more blunt, way: NOTHING IMPORTANT HAPPENED IN THE 1960's! And JFK: Reloaded (great stocking stuffer!) shows just how much other generations are going to give a damn about what was important to the baby-bitchers.

Monday, December 20, 2004


Dont' Let The Door Hit Your Ass, Moyers

On second thought, let the door hit your ass on the way out, Moyers, you saggy-jowled Bolshevik. How dare this moron rail at taxpayer expense about the "right-wing media" when we know the hit pieces the leftist tratiors in the MSM have done against America and its adherents since S11.

I'd say "Drop dead, dickhead" to Moyers. But he's not worth the breath. He's already been forgotten, if he was ever really known. That's the cruelest thing the American people can do to a wanna-be liberal crusader who thinks he knows what's best for us, the people who do the work of building this nation every day. Inspite of asshats like Moyers. And to that I will say: HA!

Once you're on TV you dig in and never let go--just like Bill Moyers
-Homer Simpson



I have been thinking about this idiocy of secession (of which more can be found here), economic warfare with red states, and mass emmigration that has caught the left's imagination after the election and led to chooseblue.com.

If the side that LOST a majority vote wants to start an economic boycott against the side that WON a majority vote, it seems like that'd be a losing proposition. I know, I know, I'm injecting logic into an argument with the Deaniac fringe.

The subject of economic conflict between ideologies in the USA is one that's always going to be a loser for over-regulated bureaucratized "blue-states". Witness the exodus of over-taxed businesses and professionals from California. Even the illegal immigrants are bypassing California for economic opportunities in red states throughout the Southwest. Maybe that was California's plan?

Near Charlotte, North Carolina, there has been concern about Bank of America's long-term commitment to stay since BoA has begun the process of building a new HQ in lower Manhattan. A UNC-Charlotte professor interviewed on the subject said, to the effect, "Any financial powerhouse like BoA needs a building in the financial district of New York to remain legitimacy in the eyes of its (larger) customers."

But two things interrupt that old line of thinking. One is the anti-corporate bigotry held by many blue-state regulators, of which Eliot Spitzer is the worst. Why would I put a new billion dollar building within the jurisdiction of a guy who's likely to prosecute large numbers of people who work in it just to make a name for himself?

The second is the revolution in telecommunications. Why would you spend a bilion dollars on a new building when you could get the same effect in, say, Knoxville, Tennessee for less money and deliver better service by plowing the savings in construction costs and lower salaries into customer-service developments? Hell, if someone like Spitzer stays in power in New York for another twenty years or so, why not move the whole Stock Exchange itself? Let's see blue states make up for that. It's the type of scenario that red state governments should be holding up to blue state corporations and simply saying "You'll be appreciated here."

The latter scenario will come to pass more and more as blue-state aparatchiks squeeze the companies that remain in their domain even harder to make up for the revenue (and prestige) lost when their prosecutorial zeal ran out the other companies and the jobs they provided.

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