Thursday, December 09, 2004



A supporter of the UN is an enemy of the USA. Period. From the lowliest democrap Congressman to the President. Enemies all.


China & Clinton: Still Together After All These Years

As if it wasn't enought that treasonous pussy-hound BJ Clinton did all he could to support China's ambitions to improve their missile technology, he's now schlepping support onto a Red China backed search engine, Accoona, that will compete with Google. Serve's the pinko idiots at Google right for supporting the dems anyway.

What did BJ get in return? A heaping helping of laundered money for his double-wide library and massage parlor.

Oh, and what about those efforts to aid China in developing its rocketry? Well, the Chinese Navy recently started sea trials of its new SSBN (nuclear missile submarine) and they now also have the capability to put any rocket from their land missile sites to any site in the northern hemisphere. Thanks, BJ!

With an idiot like Clinton spending eight years running a foreign policy aimed at coddling dictators, it's no wonder Japan is rejecting the tenets of pacifism that dominated its post-war policy. Who can blame them? Clinton did everything possible to aid the following American (and Japanese) enemies: AQ Khan, Al-Qaeda, North Korea, Russia, China, North Korea.


Diplomatic Immunity?

Big Deal. Senator Norm Coleman calls for Kofi Annan to resign. Representative Scott Garrett calls for Kofi Annan to be imprisoned.

So the hell what?

I've been calling for Kofi Annan to be murdered for some time now. As I understand it, if you kill him you get diplomatic immunity, since he's a diplomat.


Adolf Sharpton Up To Old Tricks

Noted Nazi-esque bigot Al Sharpton was apparently paid more than $85,000 by the DNC to support John Kerry's campaign.

What did black Hitler do with all that money? I don't know. But I do know that he did steal money from several non-profit organizations to support a string of mistresses while claiming to be married.


More Soros $$ For (Hot) Air America

George Soros has apparently decided to torture the USA for not electing "his" Presidential candidate by making us continue to hear bullshit about Air America since no one's actually hearing Air America.

The press release about this red herring said, in part:
Franken and his co-host, radio veteran Katherine Lanpher, will continue to deliver three hours a day of fearlessly irreverent commentary, comedy and interviews.
Irrvereent? I think they meant irrelevant.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Christmas, Part 1

Well, A Charlie Brown Christmas was on TV last night. I always check to see that it is. It'll be interesting to see how long it is before the ACLU (Atheist Communist Liar Union) makes the producers cut Linus' quotation of the Bible.


Save The Moslems!

I can see it now. A poster with the tail of a Boeing 767 sticking up vertically behind a cityscape. Beneath it the slogan "Save The Jihadis!" (ala "Save The Whales" with the tail above the water).

Is this what it's come down to? The entire world believing that the goat-fuckers are the oppressed? Or is it the race-traitor communist MSM that's to blame for continually shoving this story in our faces?

Overseas the "oppression" of towelheads is taken as some sort of problem. The UN (useless nations) is holding a summit to help the poor moslems overcome the racism against them. This from the organization that ran what amounted to a Nazi racist bash against Israel a few years ago. How unfair that the towelheads are judged by the acts of 75-88% of them. Why that leaves as many as 25% of the veil-clad monkey-people that didn't dance in the street on S11.

At least the Brits are on the case. They have promised to protect the little venom-spewing under-humans who are determined to destroy Britain and its people from insults by the big, bad, white men anymore.

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