Friday, November 05, 2004



This is great. The pillow-biting "celebrities" that did such a goooooood job electing John Kewwy are vowing to "fight on". I can personally fucking guarantee that they helped push a million voters over to Bush. Don't forget to tell The Guardian to send lots of letters supporting Hillary in 2008.

The more these cock smokers are out in the public eye, the more the public hates the politicians they endorse.


How The Hell?!?

White-face douche Eminem will release an album of NEW Tupac Shakur songs. Am I mistaken or has Tupac had more God damn songs released after his ass was shot to death than he did while he was alive?


Note To Europe: Work With Us Now, Or BEG For Our Help Later

Our pinko internal enemies could just drop dead. Whatever. We REAL Americans need to do two things: Make sure all internal opposition to tax reform, litigation reform, judiciary appointments, use of force against asshole terrorists, etc. is crushed. Thoroughly. The other is to help those in foreign lands who need our help and appreciate America as the great nation that it (and it alone) is, was, and will be.

No other nation can do the good we can do. No other nation will do the good we do. Remember, NATO is comprised of 70% American forces. By leaving "Old Europe" we force them to look to their rampant internal problems sooner and fight or flee the moslems currently infecting their continent and murdering their citizens as the Euro-trash press complains about GWB. Yeah, HE'S the problem.

No "healing", no "reaching out", no "bipartisanship" bullshit. Because the people we're up against are sick, monstrous animals. This is no time to let up on our enemies.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Hey Libbies! Can't Get To Canada?

Try This!

– I know this is a difficult time for those of you who think that Bush is the "real" terrorist. In fact, it’s probably a good time to cash in your chips. Sure, you wanted to move to Canada, but the Canadian government said it would only accept "hard working, decent Americans," and that leaves you out. Those of you who think Bush STOLE the election and is creating a theocracy in America should just do us all a favor and give it up. While preparing to slice open your wrist, please resist the urge to slash other people’s tires. I realize you’re a democrap, and your union boss or told you to do this (especially if you live in Wisconsin), but it’s actually a crime. After all, you’re about to leave us in peace. You wouldn’t want to score any negative karma points with Gaia or the Dalai Lama (or Kabbalah-Ed.), or whatever fad religion-of-the-week you belong to. Adios, fuckface.

-Courtesy of


Brain-Dead; Just Like Other People In France


In Paris, it was reported that towelheaded fish-face Yasser Arafat is dead. Well, brain dead. Well, even more brain dead than he was before.

Arafat's body is on life support, so I don't know if he's in Hell yet. He'll get those 72 virgins soon enough. It's just that they're women who were too ugly to fuck when they were alive. The best part is that his ill-gotten $2-3 billion "personal" fortune is unavailable to the Palestinian Authority. That means the PA can't pay suicide bombers! That means the PA will have to come to terms with civilization.

Expect a jihad in memoriam for a while, then rapidly moving toward real Middle East peace once and for all after they go bankrupt and Iran's moslo-facist dictatorship crumbles.

Simply a great week in world history.


I Couldn't Agree More!

After Bush's re-election, Adolf Sharpton said "Let’s all head to the airport and get out of the country."

Yeah, "Reverend", take your 40 acres (AKA your ASS), and take your mule (AKA Jesse Jackass) and, last but not least, take Skid Row's advice!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The Ballad Of John Francois Kerry

Vote on the best song to represent Democrats on this day:

"Thunderstruck" AC/DC

"If It Wasn't For Bad Luck" Ray Charles

"King Nothing" Metallica

"Theme From Gilligan's Isle" George Wyle


Winner & Losers

Osama Bin Laden
George Soros
Al Gore
Elite College Professors
Bruce Springsteen
Old Europe
Howard Deen
Terry McAuliffe
Sean Penn
left-wing MSMers
Dan Rather
"Labor" Unions
60 Minutes
Terrorists everywhere.



Squirm Worms!

The MSM is doing everything possible to make sure Kerry gets (and wins) his Ohio "recount". A little while ago, that bitch Katie Couric did a story about supposed vote suppression. The assholes at NBC are actually running an ad for the nightly news with tom brokejaw that says in that obnoxious announcer voice "Election 2004: Who Really Won?"

Unbe-fucking-leivable!! Democracy Plaza my ass.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Told You Kerry Was A Race-Traitor

Despite being a Jew, in his 1997 book "The New War" John Kerry blames Israel for a substantial portion of international crime.

And his choice of countries to target also seems somewhat strange. He saw global crime as stemming from global capitalism, and he criticized free societies such as the Cayman Islands for being so-called tax or bank secrecy havens while giving no mention to Arab States that were known to be supporting terrorists. Sudan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia have no listing in the index.

But Kerry did single out one Middle Eastern nation for what he saw as its sins in enabling international crime. That country is called Israel, and it is blamed for everything from the training of drug cartels in Colombia to the global emergence of the Russian mob.

If this isn't enough to make you puke, maybe all the Jews who are going to vote for Kerry would like to see how towelheaded moslems are attacking Republicans at colleges in California. If the moslo-scum is already attacking white and black people (they are actually engaged in race-wars around the globe), and if this group succeeds in training a generation of young people to hate Jews what will your future be then? About the same as it was in 1942, perhaps?


Before You Vote: Remember The WMD!

The groups of towelheaded scum "defending" Fallujah claim to have chemical weapons.

Well, even if they don't, we KNOW that Russia helped move weapons to Syria.

And we KNOW that Syria is using chemical weapons on blacks in Sudan as part of the moslem race war there.

So I'll give the "defenders" the benefit of the doubt and believe that they do have WMD. Just gives us a great excuse to nuke that moslem "holy" city. Like Genghis Khan did to Bamian in 122140.

Do John Kerry and the New York Lies care? No, they don't. Do you? We'll see...


Islamic Murders Likely Here If Kerry "Wins"

A Dutch filmmaker was murdered for producing a documentary about the inhuman treatment moslems inflict on their women. Expect more of that here in the USA if people cave in to Bin Laden's demand that they vote for Kerry. Oh, I mean NOT vote for Bush.


Good News & Bad News

First the bad news: When poll workers went to open the polls in Pennsylvania this morning, they found the democraps had planted 2,000 votes on the e-voting machines last night. Expect more vote fraud. Don't be surprised if the fraudulent vote totals that democraps usually get away with are almost completely exposed this time. I'd say vote totals at the end of the night will actually be revised downward for them.

The good news: When I went to vote this morning, I hadn't voted yet. So at least no one stole my name. Oh, but I did have to sign a statement saying I was who I am. I'm sure it absolutely impossible for illegal aliens or "Mary Poppins" to do that.

Voter ID cards, NOW!

Monday, November 01, 2004


Tom Wolfe Sticks It To Liberals

"I would vote for Bush if for no other reason than to be at the airport waving off all the people who say they are going to London if he wins again."

"I cannot stand the lock-step among everyone in my particular world. They all do the same thing, without variation. It gets so boring. There is something in me that particularly wants it registered that I am not one of them."

These are just two of the great quotes from this article in which Wolfe at least tries to explain to the lefties why they will be crying on Wednesday morning. The article is from that pinko rag, The Guardian, that tried to alter the election in Ohio for John Kerry. Wolfe admonishes them for that act of idiocy as well.

The elite MSM should thank Wolfe for showing them how to do something that none of them are currently capable of doing: thinking independently.


Party Of The Rich? I Don't Think So!

The mayor of the USA's poorest city is a Democrat. He is African-American. He for George W. Bush. And he's going to be on BET to tell other members of the black community why.


Hearts & Minds?!?!?!

How do you win people's hearts and minds when they have neither? This scumsucking moslem sand-monkey killed his daughters because he had no sons.

are the "people" John Kerry wants to be more sensitive to?

Sunday, October 31, 2004


Kids! Stay Away From Kerry on Halloween!

He throws around nickels like they're manhole covers, so don't expect any candy. And if you ask him "Trick or Treat?" he won't be able to decide and his head will explode. On second thought, go to Kerry's house!


Like It Or Not, Tyrants Determine Our Security

Kaiser Wilhelm II
"Serbia, stop threatening our security or we'll attack you!"

"Ethiopia, stop threatening our security or we'll attack you!"

"Poland, stop threatening our security or we'll attack you!"

"Hungary, stop threatening our security or we'll attack you!"

"Czechoslovakia, stop threatening our security or we'll invadeattack you!"

"Kuwait, stop threatening our security or we'll attack you!"

Bin Laden
1993 (2X), 1998, 2000, 2001
"America, stop threatening our security or we'll attack you!"


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