Friday, October 29, 2004



NYT-rogate has broken wide open. The New York Lies and Communist Broadcast Service (along with their anti-American buddies at the Useless Nations) have plainly been caught telling lies to help defeat George Bush.

When will we get rid of these seditious idiots who keep helping our enemies?


John Kerry Kills Babies

John Kerry's support of murdering unborn childrean and letting sodomites "marry" are two main reasons he won't get as much of the African-American vote as he wants.

John Kerry likes to lie to black churches but he isn't fooling anyone. Said one black parishioner who has already voted in Florida who identified herself as a registered Democrat: "...(W)e'll survive Iraq. Those babies being aborted won't survive, they'll be dead."

We'll be as good as dead if John Kerry "wins".


Don't Forget Iraq-Al Qaida Ties

In case anyone was beginning to forget that Iraq and Al Qaida had close ties you can run through them again here.

It's mostly little things, you know like Russia helping move weapons to Syria, Syria using chemical weapons on victims in Sudan, Zarqawi moving into Iraq a full year before the US-led war against Hussein, Saddam's intelligence officials meeting with S11 hijackers, etc. Mostly inconsequential stuff.

I can forgive you for not being up-to-date on these ties of our terrorist enemies since their mouthpieces in the communist media refuse to cover them.



John Kerry stole their honor. Don't let him steal ours! Watch this video now here. Or check your listings to see if it will be on in your area. Arrange a meeteing to make sure as many people as possible see it.


Republicans beat Dems, AGAIN!

A study found that Republicans were significantly ahead of the curve in voting in favor of technology funding and laws that support it. Is it any wonder? Democrats are so far behind the times that they still think Marxism will work, If you close your eyes and believe hard enough!

In a related story, FireFox is about to be released to the public in its final version. This great OS-independent browser is what I use and it's a breath of fresh air after dealing with bugs from Opera, IE, and Netscape.


Let's Kill This Hebrew Race-Traitor, Part 2

This asshole George Schwartz (AKA Soros) would make the day of any Klansman or Black Panther who believes Jew financiers run the world.

On September 16, 1992, Soros made his fund a cool billion dollars in a single day betting against the British sterling, helping to usher in what the Brits refer to as Black Wednesday. On that day, British citizens saw their currency lose 20 percent of its value. Trying to stave off the challenge to its currency, the British government had borrowed heavily before finally accepting defeat and allowing the devaluation of the pound. Soros was dubbed the Man Who Broke the Bank of England, a designation in which he seemed to take perverse pride.

What will he do to the US if he isn't liquidated?


Time To Nuke The Towelheads!

ABC "News" finally got around to airing a tape of a race-traitor who used to be an American telling us Al Qaida was going to attack us even worse than S11.

Of course, ABC sat on the tape for as long as possible to keep the American public from hearing it because it would remind everyone what this election is really about. Sure the tape actually mentions gay marriage, but the issue is: how do you get homo-married when you've just been blown up by a sand-monkey? I don't think you do.

Michael Savage was right last night when he said we need to nuke Mecca, Medina, and any other moslem capital that is tied to terrorism. That is the only thing that will show the subhumans that we mean to stop them. Savage did say he wouldn't nuke Mecca during that satanic pilgrimage they have. I would.

I'd also kill anyone here in America who didn't like killing the towelheads. Why is it liberals always complain about killing our enemies and then don't care when Americans get killed? Somme libby-traitors have complained about the number of US troops killed in Iraq. Well, if they came back OK, you'd just spit on them and call them baby-killers (then you'd attend an abortion rally, go figure) so don't tell me you care for them. I say we kidnap liberal traitors and use them as cannon fodder. Let's let them get blown up while they try to help the poor oppressed masses, or whatever.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics

I was done posting for the day, but the lying loony left is once again proving two of Mark Twains maxims: "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure" & "A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on".

Now they're saying that over 100,000 Iraqi "people" died since March 2003. Lie. Here's why:

However, it's possible that they may have zoned in on hotspots that might not be representative of the death toll across Iraq, said Peto, a professor of medical statistics at Oxford University in England.

To conduct the survey, investigators visited 33 neighborhoods spread evenly across the country in September, randomly selecting clusters of 30 households to sample. Of the 988 households visited, 808, consisting of 7,868 people, agreed to participate in the survey. At each one they asked how many people lived in the home and how many births and deaths there had been since January 2002.

The sample was taken only in large towns. Hello, large towns are the ones that got bombed because that's where Saddam lived and where he hid his explosives caches (before Russia helped move them to Syria). They're basically saying: The figures are wron, but we're reporting them anyway.

As for the pro-Saddamite scumbag at the "study's" head:

Les Roberts, the lead researcher from Johns Hopkins, said the article's timing was up to him.

"I emailed it in on Sept. 30 under the condition that it came out before the election," Roberts told The Asocciated Press. "My motive in doing that was not to skew the election. My motive was that if this came out during the campaign, both candidates would be forced to pledge to protect civilian lives in Iraq.

"I was opposed to the war and I still think that the war was a bad idea, but I think that our science has transcended our perspectives," Roberts said. "As an American, I am really, really sorry to be reporting this."

You're a liar, Les. We all know it. And you've given yourself away while telling the lie. Burn in hell, Roberts

Oh, yeah and let's not forget the moslem race-war against blacks has killed 70,000 in Sudan. And those are REAL numbers.


The Sox Aren't The Only Things "RED" In Boston

There's also John Kerry and his pro-communist voting record.

I'll get to why the Red Sox "win" was a fraud tomorrow or Saturday, but for now, I'll just agree with Curt Schilling and his pro-Bush assault on the media.

Of course Kerry the Douche got in on the act, pretending to be a Red Sox fan, despite having said he'd rather get into the White House than see the Sox win the World Series. Hmmm. Seems it'll be the only celebration in Boston this year."Patriots" included.


More French Back-Stabbing

I wonder what John Kerry thinks of his beloved French treating the mortal enemy of his own Hebrew race, Yasser Arafat.


How To Talk To A Liberal

Apologies to Ann Coulter, but there's just no fucking way to do it.

I was telling some middle-aged failure (how could that type be anything but liberal?) that John Kommy's position of sleeping man to the UN's succuba is far more dangerous than anything that George Bush could do.

The lying hippie responded by yelling (that must prove they're right) about how Bush could have made the moslems fight each other (REAL liberal) and now America really "is the Great Satan!"

Now America "is the Great Satan!" What the fuck were we on September 10, 2001?

This is the problem with the traitors that will vote for John Kerry. They believe S11 was America's fault and fighting back just makes it worse, or at least reinforces the notion that S11 was justified. These people deserve to have their votes thrown out.


Let's Kill This Hebrew Race-Traitor

George Schwartz (AKA Soros) sounds like one of those Holocaust deniers, a lot of whom happen to be left-wing Jews like Soros, Peter Lewis, and Jon Stewart. What is it about free and unimpeded Jewish minds that makes them turn to delusional self destruction?

“If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble,” Soros once wrote. When asked to elaborate on that passage by The Independent, Soros said, “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

Is it any wonder Jesus was Jewish? Maybe they all think like that. There are two differences between Soros and Christ, however. One is that Christ wasn't a greedy liar. The other is that Soros does deserve to die shitting on himself while nailed to a cross.


In Happier News, Arafat Almost Dead

Murdering scumbag Yassier Arafat is almost dead. We can only hope and pray that the deed is done soon. The world will be a better place without him.


Russia Deserved The Beslan Massacre

Russian children deserved to die at the Beslan school. You'll agree with me when you read that Russian troops helped move Saddam's military materials to Syria.

Kerry adviser Mike McCurry said, “From some of the Pentagon reporting today, there is a window that’s available there where either just prior to or just after the invasion, there could have been an opportunity for either Saddam to move the weapons or for something happening after that facility had been abandoned...

Hey Russia! Nuke a towelhead country and we'll forgive you. As for the Kerry campaign, no way.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


John Kerry's Treasonous Money Trail

John Kerry has taken money from every scumbag on earth, you name 'em:

Al Qaida
Red China

It's time the MSM was forced to pay attention to this story. After all, they're the ones who broke it before they didn't break it.

Contact the Republican Party in your home county and state and make sure they know about John (Cash'n) Kerry's loose interpretation of campaign finance laws.


Come The Revolution!

An marxo-crat tried to kill Katherin Harris yesterday. Yes, he's a registered democrap, yes other democraps cheered him (or jeered him for missing).

If this is what the communists want, that is what they'll get. It won't be pretty for them. And we'll have to deal with their stinking corpses. But at least we'll be rid of Bolshevism in America once and for all.


Powerline Is On The Case!

Three cases, actually:

1. The MSM is lying to cover up Bush's massive lead in real (as opposed to surveyed) opinion.

2. Illegal aliens are voting for Democrats. As I said earlier.

3. The Useless Nations, led by Kofi Apeman, is trying to elect Jewish Frenchman John Kerry.

I said before that the UN would use its "observers" to try to steal the election. And for a man who's Jewish! High irony from those turds. Why can't someone destroy that building with an airliner?

As for this idiocy of the MSM and their "polls", they obviously have a vested interest in making people believe that the election is going to be close. Less separation means more viewers and the "need" for more polls. In addition, if people think it's going to be close but then Bush blows Kerry's swiftboat out of the water, they can lie and scream disenfranchisement.


An Autopsy of the Democrat "Mind"

An actual psychiatrist analyzes commucrat liar Paul Krugman. It' pretty much applies to any member of the DNC ( Democrat Nazi-Communists).


Early Voting Sucks

I know KerryHaters had this big explanation to soothe our anxieties about early voting (to some extent) but it really doesn't matter when the opponent is a lying cheater like John Kerry, they'll do anything to win.

I think early voting merely gives commucrat operatives the opportunity to put those double (or more) registrations to use. They can vote in New York on Friday and go to Florida to vote on Monday.



Disenfranchisement is exactly what every hard working voting American experiences every time a commucrat is up for election. Maybe the Republicans do get 0.1% of the Democrat vote thrown out. Unfortunately for people who like America (i.e. not Democrats) something like 3% of the total votes for Democrats come from illegal aliens or nonexistent voters.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Bill Clinton: Never Elected, Not Once

Chrenkoff has a blog entry in which he points out that Bill Clinton got 43% of the popular vote in 1992 and 50% in 1996. I left a comment pointing out that BJ Clinton Never got more than 49% of the popular vote. George W. Bush got more votes in 2000 than BJ Clinton ever did.


I Said Kerry Was A Traitor To His Jewish Race

And Kerryhaters put up a link to a Roger L. Simon story about how Kerry would sell out Israel.

Once again, I am 100% correct about everything.


More Democrap/Media Fraud

The "missing" explosives story was debunked by NBC news yesterday. That came as a big blow to the New York Times who had "broken" the 18-month old story just that morning.

It must have been even more disappointing for the lying anti-American assholes at CBS news who had planned to "break" the story the Sunday night before the election.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Supreme Court

I just heard on the noon news that Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist has been treated for thyroid cancer and will recover.

Look for John Kerry to make this into a campaign issue by the evening news. Bill Clinton may even get in on the act (and I do mean act) by scaring people into believing the if Bush is re-elected, he'll pack the Supreme Court with ogres, hob-goblins, and cretins.

Of course, they'll do all of this while criticizing Bush for using the "politics of fear".


What About White Churches?

The soon-to-be-flushed Johns were both stumping in black churches again yesterday. Kerry and Edwards and the commucrat party go on and on about how Geroge Bush is a Christian nut and yet, I can't remember the last time I saw Bush in a church for a shameless photo-op.

Meanwhile kerrwards are constantly lying to black churches about how the democrap party will help the black community because it has the right values. But the kleptokrat party's values of high taxes, gay marriage, abortion and unlimited illegal immigration don't seem to jive very well with any religion in America.

So now Kerry's at it again with the same spiritual song and dance (only for black audiences). He keeps trying to convince everyone he's religious, but not really religious. Make sense to you? Me neither.


Is There a Jew Conspiracy?

Yes, there IS a Jew conspiracy, but it's not what the moslems would have you believe. Most of the top organizers actively trying to destroy America and President Bush are Jews. Jon Stewart, Blah-Blah Streisand, and even the captain himself, John Kerry. Moreover, a secret cabal of (mostly) Jewish billionaires met in Colorado to try and defeat President Bush. What if a group of white billionaires had met in South Carolina to defeat John Kerry? Would there be an outcry in the communist MSM? You bet. But since the MSM is run by leftist Jews, they cover it all up.

These particular Jews are completely in the dark as to where their race would be if not for the USA. It would be dead. Gone. Arrivederci. And yet this same group of race-traitors stand up alongside the forces of anti-semitism and tell you, with a a straight face, to vote for the demcrap party. You know, the party of Adolf Sharpton and Jesse Jackass. Not to mention the democrap party's connections to fundamentalist Islam. So, as far as I'm concerned, any Jew that continues to vote for the democrap party gets what they deserve; a baseball bat to the face from the moslems and angry blacks that run said party and will run roughshod over Jews if the democraps and the Useless Nations conquer America.

Every American Jew should be sent to two places: Europe and Israel at least once in their lifetime. Then they'll see what their race is up against.



The makers of Grand Theft Auto were the subject of, well, Grand Theft.

I want to make a video game where you go around killing the actual makers of this game. Just stake out their lives for a while and model the game exactly. You can go to their actual address and rape their actual wives and murder their actual children. Let's see if they like the First Amendment then.


Jesus Was a Jewish Settler

It's the best line I've ever heard to confront useless pro-moslem "christians" like John Podesta (slogan: Who Would Jesus Tax?) and the scum-sucking Presbyterians.


Genocide In The Middle East

I think the best course of action to wash the middle east of its "human" content is to poison the water supply with lead. This will kill many of the towelheads quickly while causing an extremely high rate of birth defects in the next generation.

How would you eliminate the apes that populate the middle east? Give us your thoughts.


Kerry Scandals Deepen

I've been covering Cash'n Kerry's campaign finance scandals with China, the Mafia, & Korea for a long time. I've even joked about him being bribed by moslem terrorists like Al-Qaida. But now the joke is on us because the democrap party has REGISTERED AL-QAIDA OPERATIVES IN OHIO!

Sunday, October 24, 2004


New Election Commercial

I've taken a page from Michael Cooper and decided to come up with ideas for commercials. If anyone wants to use this commercial, feel free to do so without paying me. Even if no one else does, I will eventually produce it myself to air in any year, election or not.

I'd just begin showing pictures of as many of the S11 murder victims as I could in a simple fade fashion. Each person has their name and age at the bottom of the screen. In the background is the music from "The Exorcist". Then the next shot shows the World Trade Center falling and/or the Pentagon burning while a voice-over says "Murdered by Islam, September 11, 2001."

I'm going to make damn sure the world knows that we know what Mohammedanism is up to.


Another Reason to Ignore "World Opinion"

Soon-to-be-murdered pinkos at the Guardian UK (the same commie rag that tried to influence votes in Ohio with help from law-breaking democraps) says George W. Bush should be murdered.

Why the fuck do these douchebag foreigners goad the U.S. like this? Do they think people like me won't run this country one day and destroy their petty little fefidoms once and for all? Or are they banking on the Useless Nations conquering the USA before then?

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