Thursday, October 21, 2004


Another Reason to Destroy the Useless Nations

Billy the Bolshevik Clinton wants to be head of the UN. I guess that's a step up from getting head at the UN like he used to do. Although he should be careful about that as well.

I knew those skanks would catch up with him one day.


The Problem With America

I can't believe what a pussy nation this is turning into. I actually catch and document corruption centered on Bolshevik HQ, Boston, and people are sort of offended. I'm REAL fucking impressed some of the Bostonians have had something to say other than retardely grunting their own names over and over. Get over yourselves, you know the Red Sox and the Patriots and John Kerry are all communist, faggot-loving assholes who steal, cheat, lie, connive and let planes from Boston-Logan get hijacked.

If Al Qaeda could slip past John Kerry's personal security force (or lack thereof) and drop some planes on Boston then I think we as Americans would be glad to call it even.

That would be great. The first American Revolution began killing opressors stationed in Boston. Maybe the second Revolution can as well.

Don't like that?


Bad News For Red Sox!!

David Ortiz may be in trouble with some haters!

Lest anyone forget, in order to be MVP you have to play baseball. Not sit around popping steroids (I mean, like, ALL those KIDS did it but NOT HIM) and jacking your cock for 23 hours and 45 minutes a day. If you're too fat and slow to field a position, you aren't a baseball player.

Oh, and there's his drug use:

Boston infielder David Ortiz, who has a major league contract, says players should be allowed to use ephedra, which is contained in some weight-loss supplements.

And his 'ROID RAGE!!


Death To Bud Selig!

Bud Selig is a scumbag. He is also a communist. If his business (and he does run it like it's his HIS) makes $3.5 billion a year, it should play by the same rules as other businesses, without government protection.

His idiotic "Wild Card" idea must have come from some kind of drinking game of the same moniker where your opponents put an unidentified substance in a glass then you chug it. I'm guessing his was a sludge of Comet and rubbing alcohol. It's another scheme straight from Bolshevism.

"Hey, we completely fucked around during the regular season. Is it alright if we play in the playoffs?"

"Why, sure! You're scrappy. People will
line my pockets while I screw them to watch scrappy teams! Since only a few teams are good anyway, this class-warfare strategy will probably work in an increasingly bleeding-heart nation."

Here are some of the other stupid ideas he has been party to. And If you don't believe the things I've torn into Bud Selig about, just ask his friends.

The "ownership" of two teams (by more guys than just Selig) seems to need special merit. Is it coincidence that the team from a certain Bolshevik town was down 3-0 and performed the impossible act of winning a seven game series? Or is it possible that Bud Selig (acting commissioner, acting on par with that of Pauly Shore) helped steal the Red Sox to a low bidder (in a deal the Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly called a "bag job") who happened to be owner of another team. Another team that happened to beat the Yankees LAST year. Coincidence? You're a moron if you think so.

Selig cheated and Henry got the payoff. Bank on it.


God Damn Tired of Boston Theft Ring

They had the Willie Horton judges on the field to steal Super Bowl XXXVIII for them, they had (Baseball Hitler) Selig steal the playoffs for them (let's remember the Pink Sox wouldn't have even been in the playoffs without a Bolshevik system that allows losers to compete with winners postseason). Not to mention the obvious lies the umpires told to stick it to the Yankees

Then they let all four 9-11 flights be hijacked from Logan airport.

Now another liar from Boston is trying to steal the election.

Why the Fuck do we REAL Americans keep Boston around?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


'Gold-Digging Bitch' Isn't A Real Job

Crazy boat-person TEE-RAY-TZTSA Heinz Kunt said today that Laura Bush never had a real job.

This shit coming from a former Useless Nations employee who hops from one politically important bed to another.

John Kerry should really shut her up. I mean, he's already lost the election, but her idiotic verbal diarrhea may mean they have to leave the country.


Jimmy Carter, Communist Scumbag

For too long have we sat idly by and watched this asshole that was rejected by 88% of the nation commit treason against us. Well, this saggy-joweled Bolshevik has finally gone too far. The facts in the case against Jimmuh Cawduh:

"I don‘t think it‘s ever been proven to be accurate as a premise that you can go into an alien society, win with force of arms, destroying a major portion of that country and killing their people to make them adopt a new form of government and to accept new rulers."
-You mean like Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan?

" some ways the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war."

-A former U.S. President says we'd be better off still part of the U.K.?!?!?!

Accused Zell Miller of "unpresedented disloyalty" to the democrap party.
-I guess that's why Washington didn't like political parties.

Accused Florida of rigging the election to favor Bush.
-Despite Carter rubber stamping Chavez' dictatorship.

Accepted the Nobel "Peace" Prize.
-Along with other idiotic dictators and general kooks.

Returned to power leftist thug Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti (for a while).

Cried "Disenfranchisement!" in East Timor in 1999.
-After helping murder the same people in 1977.

Made sure North Korea could develop nuclear weapons.
-After he cut his own country's supply thereof while facing the USSR.

Let the Shah of Iran fall.
-To be replaced by crazy towelheads.

Let American hostages languish in Iran for 444 days.
-because he micromanaged the rescue attempt.

This tribunal finds you guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors as well as adhering to our enemies, providing them aid and comfort.

This weekend I was watching reruns of "Arrested Development" on F/X. In the show, Michael Bluth discovers his father's company was secretly building palaces for Saddam Hussein. He then confronts his father, George Bluth, being held in prison:

Michael: YOU WERE BUILDING HOUSES FOR SADDAM HUSSEIN! Dad, that's treason! Do you know what the penalty for treason is?

George: It was my first time.

Michael: Yeah, I've never heard of a second.

Well, we've let jimmuh cawduh get away with treason too many times. And we DO KNOW what the penalty for treason is!


More New England Cheating

Well, New England commies have evened the series between the Yankees and Red Sox. No, I don't mean the Red Sox are the Marxists, I'm talking about the umpires. I said yesterday that they were cheating on behalf of scumbag Bud Selig and MLB to keep the series close for more ratings. Last night they showed blatant favoritism to the Boston douchebags conspiring to cost the Yankees a run and possibly two.

Fuck tha Po-lice, NYC you go fuckin' crazy if MLB steals another game from you. Lynch the umpires, attack and bloody Boston's players, drive to Boston and burn down Fenway Park.

With this much rampant cheating an coniving by people from New Engalnd, is it possible that cheating on behalf of another Massachussetts pussy will occur on November 2nd? If so, prepare for more riots that day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


The Melting Of Global Warming

Researchers have found huge methematical errors in the study that was the main basis for the "proving" of "Global Warming". The errors in the so-called "hockey stick" theory that leftists around the world point to while crying "We're melting" are so monumental as to discredit the entire thing.

What's more, the independent researchers who have single-handedly discredited this "theory" were cock-blocked at every turn by established players who wanted desperately for global warming to be tru, including the influential journal Nature.

I am hardly surprised that the theory was wrong or that the "scientists" who perpetrate the fraud of global warming are fighting tooth-and-nail to protect it. It has become one of the left's main tools in attacking America and dismantling it really tugs at their heart strings. Will the Useless Nations and their monkey-man leader heed the real scientific evidence that global warming isn't real and cut out this Gaia nonsense? Probably not. It's just as well. I'd like to see what happens to these people. Didn't they see Raiders of the Lost Ark? God doesn't like this kind of shit.


The Legacy of Boston Judges

As if letting Willie Horton kill again wasn't bad enough, New England's officiators have been on a tear lately in the sports world.

First in Super Bowl XXXVIII, where for every penalty against Carolina, they charged one of the players their first born child as opposed to the Patriots who were penalized by being GIVEN a gold bar for every time they cheated. I assume they follow the "Patriots" everywhere and that's why that team has "won" 20 games in row.

Now, as if Selig hasn't fucked baseball up enough already (but that's a different story), he's aligned the umpires in the Yankees-Red Sox "matchup" to put the Red Sox in a position to win close games by having them make rotten calls in favor of Boston to extend the series and make MLB more $$$.

I'm sick and fucking tired of the God damn Red Sox. Boston's a pussy town, no matter what color sox they wear. They didn't win their own division, so why the hell are they in the playoffs? Marx himself couldn't have designed a more communistic playoff scheme. Funny how a team from taxachussetts is the benificiary of said scheme. And fuck apeman-looking Ortiz. Hell if I sat around popping steroids and jacking my cock for 23 hours and 45 minutes a day, I'd hit a lot of home runs too. I mean, the people on this team are just plain FUGLY. Martinez and Ramirez look like they've got sweat-matted pubic hair coming out from under their caps. Damon looks like a hobo or a Taliban fighter. Who's that douchebag white guy with the corn rows? What's his deal?


Real Men Throw Hard

George Bush gets it over the plate for a strike. Literally and figuratively. John Kerry throws like the French girl that he is.


Why Bush Will Win

George Bush will win because people know who he really is. They aren't buying the Bush is Hitler crap from America's internal enemies.

You know, it's funny they accuse Bush of Being a Nazi, because the French liked the actual Hitler.


More Jewish Race Treason

Yet again the Al Quada loving Hollywood Jews are stabbing their own race in the back. Jon Stewart (not his real Hebrew name) openly endorsed John Kerry and threw a hissy fit on CNN when challenged about it. Hey, at least Stewart is the first anchor to admit he wants Kerry to defeat the USA.

That doesn't even begin to cover Stewarts race treason at William & Mary college back in May when he said as much that defeating terrorists doesn't matter and it's all a big joke.

We declared war on terror. We declared war on terror—it’s not even a noun, so, good luck. After we defeat it, I’m sure we’ll take on that bastard ennui.

HA HA!! Funny stuff!
Will you be laughing when Bin Laden is wearing a zoot suit made from the skin of Jews like you. Not to mention the obvious academic fraud William & Mary committed against you during your four years there, because terror is indeed a noun.

This is just scratching the surface. More billionaire Jews secretly met in Aspen, Colorado to plot George Bush's defeat and the takeover of the US by Bolshevik forces. As an aside, I think they call it "Progressive" Insurance because they progressively raise your rates. Yeah, they're frauds. Just like their boss.

Monday, October 18, 2004


What All Smart Americans Already Knew

The MSM seems to have buried the Duelfer Report's conclusions that Syria probably received mush of Saddam's chemical weapons and other banned materials. Most of the arabic files from Saddam's government have yet to be translated. Those that have been are very damning to the UN and the "Bush lied" crowd. Not to even mention the fact that Syria is participating in the moslem anti-black race war in Sudan using chemical weapons. Gee, where'd they get those?

Why smother all this? What are the chances of Brokaw's butt-buddy Kerry getting elected if people know Saddam had WMD and was bribing the UN and world "community" to get away with it?


Commies Against Kerry

In a new turn of events, a leading communist figure has stood up against Mohammedanism and John Kerry's tacit approval thereof. Vladimir Putin has said what we all know: Electing John Kerry helps Moslem terrorists.

I'm just waiting for Putin to open the can of nuclear whoop-ass on the towelheads. You know, something WE should have done on September 12, 2001?


Jon Stewart, Jew Race Traitor

In a bitter display of partisan hackery, Jon Jewart (I mean Jon Stewart, which still isn't his real Hebrew name) has said he will endorse fellow traitor to the Hebrew race, John Kerry. No wonder this asshole's ratings have dropped. Even high losers don't want to hear either of these backstabbers drone on. It IS something of a buzzkill.

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