Friday, October 15, 2004


Democrat Vote Fraud, Part 109,226 (And Counting)

Yesterday I voiced my concern over using quasi-PSA's to promote a leftist agenda during the election period.

I don't like to toot my own horn, brag, or say "I told you so", wait, I do like all those things, but the point is that today the Drudge Report is saying the same thing. The case is very specific this time MTV's rockthevote garbage is trying to scare people away from George Bush by saying that he'd reinstate the draft.

In fact, it's Kerry's ridiculous plans that would need a draft to support them.

In a related, typical democrap thug story, taxpayer dollars are being used to screen Freiheit 9/11* at a public election polling place. How low will the bolshevik sink to steal America?

*"Freiheit" was the battle cry of the German communists in the 1920's.


Murder Kris Parker

I urge everyone available to hunt down and murder Kris Parker. This traitor has absolutely, unequivocally sided with America's enemies and should now be considered one of those enemies.
This animal is still on the loose selling rap (crap) albums and books worthy of the fire. This piece of shit needs to be murdered in a public manner so that all leftist trash can see what fate awaits them. We'll cleanse America with the blood of our enemies.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Democrat Vote Fraud, Part 109,225

Here we freaking go again. The DNC (Democrap Nazi Commies) have published a voter mobilization guide that tells democrap activists to commit fraud and race-bait on election day. Should we even bother with a democracy if these guys are allowed to run. Or Live?


MTV, Seditious Idiots

MTV (that's moronic television) is stealing your tax money. These traitors have taken out ads on cable to hype their "Choose Or Lose" campaign and are writing them off their taxes as public service announcments.

What's wrong with that? Aren't PSA's deductible for the media? Well not when you advertise commercial goods and a one-sided political agenda. The ads point you to The first ad to load on their site is one for Freiheit 9/11, by Michael Moron. Below that ad and at about half the size is one for the "Choose Or Lose" crap. Well, guess which candidates are favorably portrayed by the media empire that owns Comedy Central, CBS and the Sundance channel? Not pro-American candidates. Now these channels are hosting an anti-Bush LIE to scare people into thinking there's going to be a draft.

Too bad a hijacked airliner can't hit the Viacom building in NYC


Fuck Howard Dean

Screamin' Deanie the Commie Weenie is at it again. He lies about health care, he lies about Hussein, he lies about gay "rights", he lies about guns, and now he's lying about the draft.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Democrat Vote Fraud, Part 109,224

This seems to go on forever! Democrats won't rest until we've gone from "one person, one vote" to "One Democrat, seventy votes, one illegal alien (sorry undocumented worker) two votes, one fascist-racist-homophobe-republican, no vote at all".

Well, two can play that game. We can pretend to be demorats! Yes, just walk into that voting booth November 2nd, and pull that lever as many times as you want! Just don't tell 'em it was for George Bush!


Sean Penn, Hypocritical Traitor

Sean Penn(is) doesn't like Team America: World Police very much. Team America is a movie by the creators of "South Park", Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Why doesn't fascist-dictator-lover (and staunch pacifist when he's not punching reporters) Sean Penis like it very much? Because the movie skewers Penis and his Al-Qaeda loving Hollywood celebrity pals. Hell, Susan Sarandon gets shot in the face! Too bad that doesn't happen in real life. Well, hopefully it will one day.

The erstwhile actor, Penis, fired off an angry memo to Parker and Stone. I guess since Penis is considered by the left wing press to be a celebrity, he figured they'd publicize it. They did. And now the movie will get even more exposure and more people will see what fat sacks of shit the Hollywood left is made of. Congrats, Sean Penis. Your life wasn't a complete human tragedy after all.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


More Leftist Vote Hijackers?

In the wake of the Bush/Cheney campaign calling the union bosses the thugs they are, more pinkos may be headed here to steal our votes. Take note of these groups, for they are our enemies.

Let those "observers" know how you feel!


Way To Go, Eddie!

Apparently not all Nobel Prize winners are effete weenies. Economics prize winner Edward Prescott said US tax cuts should be even deeper than Bush made them. Note the last line in the story:

The US leader accuses his Democratic rival John Kerry of favoring tax increases, despite Kerry's promise to cut taxes for everyone earning less than 200,000 dollars a year.

No mention of the fact that the people and small businesses making over 200k a year pay most of the taxes? What bias!


Who'll Bribe Kerry Next?

Suggestions have been on the internet for several weeks now that John Kerry has financial ties to the Mullahs that run Iran, and now I believe the proof is in. No wonder Kerry suggested giving Iran nuclear fuel.

Considering Kerry's been bribed by the Mafia, South Korea, and China, who's next? Al Qaeda?

New shirt to show your disgust.


Man and Superman and Marxist Myths

So Christopher Reeve died yesterday and I couldn't care less. I was sick and tired of that "Oh I'm crippled, but I have a sunny attitude and if we all hold hands and believe things will get better" attitude. It obviously doesn't work because he never took a step again and he ended up on the coroner's slab just like we all will one day.

Over at they had the guts to put up an actual commentary not only suggesting the same thing, but criticizing Reeves for believing in and leading the "race" for the mythological stem cell cure for everything. Ron Reagan needs to be added to the critique as a dupe and a prophet for a false cause.

The problem is that the loony left will use puppets like Reeve to pull at the heartstrings of the mushy-minded suburbanites. The objective is to convince middle-classers that stealing a little more of their tax money and a little more of their freedom and a little more of their dignity is worth it if you cure someone like Reeve. Or if you stop "global warming". Or if you ban assault rifles. Or if you bow to the UN... etc.

It's hard to fight a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent using only emotion and the lies of easy solutions to difficult problems.


The "Global Test", Part 1

I know it's been a few weeks since this idiotic phrase was uttered by a dim-witted internationalist, but let's talk about the "global test", who passes, who fails, and why.

First on the list of those who passed the "global test" is Benito Mussolini. The generalissimo took control of Italy in 1922 with nary a whimper of protest from the League of Nations (LoN). We can add to the list fascists like Francisco Franco, but not (yet) Adolf Hitler. You see Franco took over Spain by force and was not opposed by most of the world including the USA. The US at that time, of course, was being run by Jimmy Carter's hero, with the Carter-esque international results; disaster. Hitler took over Germany mostly by using the weaknesses of democracy against it. As an aside, If anyone thinks democracy is always the best and most robust form of government, I have two names to correct you with, Adolf Hitler and Ted Kennedy.

No, no, it took a while longer for Hitler to pass the "global test" at the LoN. It was in 1936 that Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland to little more than hems and haws from the world community. The annexations of Austria, the Sudetenland, and Czechoslovakia followed without "peace in our time". This was the first great failure of the "global test".

We all know that World War II followed and, surprise, America won by actually killing off its enemies and their civilian populations. Sounds tempting today, huh? But, no! A far more insidious enemy took over from the Nazis and led us to the "global test" we supposedly face today. The enemy is, naturally, the Bolshevik.

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