Friday, October 08, 2004


Observe This, Pinkos!

Communists from the UN, EU, and maybe worst of all, labor unions, have said that they will "observe" the Presidential election. Hey pay attention bolshies, you may learn what democracy means. It doesn't mean yelling, screaming, and threatening until you get what you want and what 90% of the population doesn't want.

Well, if you're not in the mood to be intimidated by Marxists, have I got something for you! These election shirts that I have come up with are a great way to tell anyone "observing" you vote at your polling place that you call the shots, not them!


CooCoo for Concentration Camps

If the moslo-monkey-men think they can pull that Beslan school bombing crap here, they're all gonna end up like the Japanese did in 1942.


It's YOUR Smell, Not Our Values

Shithead Chirac has warned of the dangers to the world of US values. You know, like freedom, liberty, opportunity, not taking bribes from dictators. I can see how that would be dangerous to the frogs.


What Good Is This?

What good does it do to try and pick between two retards who are too interested in their political careers to defend the humanity of the USA from moon-worshipping monkey men like the moslems?

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