Wednesday, December 15, 2004


UN Protests

Anyone interested in doing this type of protest?

First, get a Saddam Hussein costume. Beret, mustache, khaki fatugies, etc. Then get two of those little monkeys you always see on TV. One monkey must be dark brown or black. The other monkey must be much lighter.

Dress the dark monkey in a tiny gray business suit and if possible, dye a grey goatee around its mouth. Take the lighter monkey, and tie a small french flag around its neck like an ascott.

Then go to the UN headquarters in New York. Parade around in front of the UN in your Saddam costume with the monekys on your shoulders or at least on a leash. Just walk around the plaza loudly proclaiming your thanks to the UN. Then point to your accomplices Kofi Annan (dark monkey) and Jacques Chirac (light monkey) and declaim your utter gratitutde for those particular minions who helped you through the Oil-For-Food scam while enriching themselves. Explain to everyone how you wouldn't have been able to stay in power without those two. And Bill Clinton.

I think you'd definitely be on TV. Bill O'Reilly would love you.

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