Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Save The Moslems!

I can see it now. A poster with the tail of a Boeing 767 sticking up vertically behind a cityscape. Beneath it the slogan "Save The Jihadis!" (ala "Save The Whales" with the tail above the water).

Is this what it's come down to? The entire world believing that the goat-fuckers are the oppressed? Or is it the race-traitor communist MSM that's to blame for continually shoving this story in our faces?

Overseas the "oppression" of towelheads is taken as some sort of problem. The UN (useless nations) is holding a summit to help the poor moslems overcome the racism against them. This from the organization that ran what amounted to a Nazi racist bash against Israel a few years ago. How unfair that the towelheads are judged by the acts of 75-88% of them. Why that leaves as many as 25% of the veil-clad monkey-people that didn't dance in the street on S11.

At least the Brits are on the case. They have promised to protect the little venom-spewing under-humans who are determined to destroy Britain and its people from insults by the big, bad, white men anymore.

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