Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Please, Do Us!!!

Well, helping George W. Bush get re-elected wasn't enough. Now Michale Moron wants to boost the stock prices and profits of big drug companies.

Okay, that's not what Moron says.

But come on!

I mean, Moron is like King Midas' retarded nephew; everything he attacks turns to gold! From GM's outstanding stock performance, engineering reputation, and sales increases since Moron attacked them with "Roger & Me" to the NRA's membership boost after "Bowling for Colimbine" to Bush's re-election after "Freiheit 9/11" I think some groups are probably begging to get "worked over" by Moron.

So if you ever see a gargantuan communist with a faggoty Sonny Crockett style beard and a camera, be sure to have him take a picture of your lottery tickets while making damning statements about them. Then, order that Lamborghini without fear, 'cause you're gonna be a millionaire!

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