Sunday, December 12, 2004


Murder The Traitors. Period!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is time to stop putting up with bullshit from the leftist and islamist internal enemies in America. They are allowed to hide under the First Ammendment while chipping away at the Second Ammendment. They are allowed to attack Christmas while supporting Ramadan and Islamic indoctrination in out schools.

Well, now noted turd Sean Penn is making a movie about his own fantasy, crashing a plane into the White House. Break out the handcuffs. Take this asshole, Michael Moron, Ed "Sasquatch" Asner, Barbara "I'm a self-hating Jew who's made millions off of Christmas albums" Streisand, the entire staff of The New York Lies, arrest them, put them in one of several Guantanamo Bay type camps to be built here in the US, throw away the key, and forget about them.

Otherwise they'll have every Americans head on a platter.

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