Monday, December 13, 2004


French Dictators To America: "Do Az We Zay!!"

The turd burglars in Paris have got two idiotic ideas:

A: Global warming is real.
B: They're going to force the USA into the Kyoto handcuffs.
French Ecology Minister Serge Lepeltier said, "I am convinced that we are going to bring the United States into Kyoto, even if it doesn't want to."
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Good fucking luck convincing anyone of anything with that attitude. You bullshit about the lie of global warming while all you really do in the world is kill Africans, enslave Corsicans, and stab America in the back.

You know, just because you're a European country doesn't mean there aren't Americans willing to genocidally liquidate you, like you did to the Jews when you frogs joined the Nazis.

That's right, the jokes are just the beginning. Then comes the fighting, then the destruction once and for all of a country that has been nothing but a thorn in the worlds side for almost 2,000 years.

One last thought on global warming:

Darryl : All right! So, any ideas how we can stop the future from happening? [pause]

Chet: How about we cause more global warming, so that in the future, the polar ice caps melt, and and it ushers in a new ice age?

Darryl : [pause] How the hell is global warming gonna cause an ice age?!

Chet: Well you know, the... global warming could bring on like a climate shift or somethin'?

Darryl : Chet, you are a fuckin' retard, you know that?! Even if global warming were real, which all proven scientific data shows it isn't, it would take millions of years for a climate shift to happen! You think an ice age can just happen all of a sudden-like?

Chet: Well I was just tryin' to be helpful.

Darryl : Well help yourself to a fuckin' science book, 'cause you're talkin' like a fuckin' retard! Now, come on people, we've got to think! Damnit, they took our jaorbs!- South Park Episode 806 "Goobacks"

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